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Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am being a super little elf tonight, stuffing stockings on behalf of Santa while my cherubs Sprout and Bean sleep (sort of - there has been much leaping around with excitement from Sprout until about an hour ago). A biscuit and carrot are laid out for Santa (there were two biscuits, but Sprout was operating quality control tonight). And while I am sat here thinking about how wonderful the day will be tomorrow, I have to share the Christmas cheer with you guys, because we wouldn't be half so happy or confident about 2013 without the love and  hand holding we've had along the way. So here's to you, and you and you - thank you so much! See you in the New Year!


  1. I've been reading this on my googlereader app on the phone, so unable to comment, but wanted to wish you so much happiness and fulfillment in 2013. Getting to know you in 2012 has been a real pleasure!

  2. thank you! This is going to be our year, no doubt :)

  3. I follow you over on the other site. You are an inspiration. My story is almost exactly the same as yours save for it being cross continental and STBEXH took all our belongings with him. You have such grace and strength. I'm in awe.